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Aftermath edit The Battle of Britain marked the first major defeat of Germany's military forces, with air superiority seen as the key to victory. The Communists attempted to blame the damage and casualties of the Coventry raid on the richfactory owners, big business and landowning interests and called for a negotiated peace. Marlborough: Crowood Press, 2003. This weight of attack went on for two months, with the Luftwaffe dropping 13,900 short tons (12,600 t) of bombs. 118 Few anti-aircraft guns had fire-control systems, and the underpowered searchlights were usually ineffective against aircraft at altitudes above 12,000 ft (3,700 m). Within four months, 88 per cent of evacuated mothers, 86 per cent of small children, and 43 per cent of school children had been returned home. The Battle of Britain (Air Defence of Great Britain; vol.

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The result is what is now known as an example of " force multiplication RAF fighters were as effective as two or more Luftwaffe fighters, greatly offsetting, or overturning, the disparity in actual numbers. On its own and independent of the other services according to an April 1944 German account of their military mission. Retrieved: Putland, Alan. With more room between them, both pilots could spend less time maintaining formation and more time looking around and covering each other's blind spots. It was faster, able to catch the bombers and its configuration of four machine guns in a turret could (much like German night fighters in with Schräge Musik ) engage the German bomber from beneath. 193 page needed Coastal Command directed its attention towards the protection of British shipping, and the destruction of enemy shipping. A b c d Mackay 2003,. On a sighting, other patrols at lower altitude would fly up to join the battle. Overy July 1980,. .

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WWll in Colour-The Battle of Britain and the Blitz Over London. battle of blitz


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264 References edit Addison, Paul and Jeremy Crang. Of the 33 heavy attacks in the following two weeks, 24 were against airfields.

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